What’s Stopping Us From Changing The World?

Mary Pipher Shares How To Make Meaningful Change Possible

Mary Pipher talks about the flood of news and information we get about the state of the world: Vivid documentaries about dying coral reefs and polar bears stranded on ice floes, scientific proof of the daily extinction of whole species, and the cascading apocalyptic effects of global warming.

Mary pointed out how news reports like these actually contribute to our inability to act. They terrify us and make us sad, but they don’t give us any idea about what to do tomorrow.

But Mary has an idea about what to do and she shares it in this quick video.

In this brief clip you’ll learn a simple way to re-frame information that can transform your ability (and your clients’) to take action toward meaningful change right now.

Mary Pipher

Mary Pipher is the author of 11 books including her latest one, A Life in Light: Meditations on Impermanence.


Rich Simon

Richard Simon, PhD, founded Psychotherapy Networker and served as the editor for more than 40 years. He received every major magazine industry honor, including the National Magazine Award. Rich passed away November 2020, and we honor his memory and contributions to the field every day.