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VIDEO: Therapists Getting Real and Going Public

The Power of Transparency in the New Marketing Landscape

It might not come as a surprise that sharing personal information about yourself with clients can make a big difference when it comes to marketing your practice. But exactly how much should you be sharing?

In the following interview with Networker senior writer Lauren Dockett, therapist Esther Boykin offers her take and shares a few pointers on the best way to brand yourself in this new, complicated landscape of online marketing.

As Esther mentions, transparency goes a long way, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Marketing yourself can actually be a fun, personally transformative venture.

If you’re interested in finding a fun, creative way to market your practice, check out our recent article on how podcasts are helping many therapists get their message out to thousands of potential clients, which includes a few tips from master podcasters.

Lauren Dockett

Lauren Dockett, MS, is the senior writer at Psychotherapy Networker. A longtime journalist, journalism lecturer, and book and magazine editor, she’s also a former caseworker taken with the complexity of mental health, who finds the ongoing evolution of the therapy field and its broadening reach an engrossing story. Prior to the Networker, she contributed to many outlets, including The Washington Post, NPR, and Salon. Her books include Facing 30, Sex Talk, and The Deepest Blue. Visit her website at