EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview streamed live on October 9, 2023. Some offers and links may no longer be available.

We’ve all heard the term “imposter syndrome,” but what does it mean for psychotherapists and their clients?

Watch expert, Dr. Jill Stoddard, to discuss this extreme version of self-doubt with Director of Psychotherapy Networker, Zach Taylor. Here, she separates fact from fiction and provides a clinical foundation for spotting it in your practice!

Jill Stoddard, PhD, is the author of The Big Book of ACT Metaphors and the recently released title, Imposter No More: Overcome Self-Doubt and Imposterism to Cultivate a Successful Career. Order your copy of her latest release at www.psychnet.co/stoddard.

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Zachary Taylor

Zach Taylor, MA, LPC, is the Director of Psychotherapy Networker. He oversees the award-winning magazine—frequently interviewing the field’s top experts—and stepped up to be among the hosts of the annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, which is the largest and longest running annual gathering of psychotherapists in the world. In addition, he manages CE trainings and programs for PESI, Inc., Networker’s parent company. Prior to joining Psychotherapy Networker, he spent 10 years in practice specializing in anxiety and panic disorders. His mission is to support psychotherapy professionals and develop future trainers and trainings to improve outcomes for their clients. He currently lives in Eau Claire, WI.