TV and Film

Open Book May 1, 2024

How Can a Ghost Story Help Us Heal from Trauma?

Excavating Unspoken Conversations

Director Andrew Haigh’s haunting film All of Us Strangers lays bare the critical role of imagination in healing from traumatic loss. Read more

Open Book March 1, 2024

A Comedy about Breaking the Rules of Therapy

'Shrinking' is Sweet and Unrealistic—and That's Okay

For therapists, the TV comedy Shrinking is a low-impact escape that still contains echoes of the messy, wrenching work they do. Read more

Open Book January 3, 2024

Is Honesty the Best Policy?: A Review of 'You Hurt My Feelings'

A New Film on Flattery, White Lies, and Nondirective Therapy

A wry exploration of how we handle challenges to our egos, even in therapy Read more

Open Book September 1, 2023

Going Public with your Therapist

Reexamining a Compelling Film Through a New Lens

Do Sarah Brady’s allegations about Jonah Hill undermine the implicit message of Stutz, his documentary about therapy? Read more

The Therapy Beat December 27, 2019

Couples Therapy Goes Public

A New TV Series Pulls Back the Curtain

A bold new TV series captures the raw reality of couples therapy—for both clients and therapists. Read more

When TV finally came, in the early '50s, the world it brought into our living rooms was black and white, and dumbed way down. Newsmen now had faces, and, as... Read more

Darkness and Light

Evoking the Flip Sides of the Hollywood Dream Machine

Two hugely successful films, released on the same weekend this summer, revealed the flip side of the Hollywood experience. Read more


Babel and Borat force us to look beyond our culture

A new generation of filmmakers is taking us beyond the Americocentric world of mainstream cinema. Read more

Fierce Creatures

How I nearly lost my innocence in La-La Land

From the May/June 1997 issue I have just completed my first, and very likely my last, close encounter with the fierce business that has occupied my... Read more

Two new Hollywood bits bring out the beast in us Read more


Fables and fairy tales and fires in our souls

From the May/June 1994 issue NOW THAT THE EXPIRATION DATES HAVE PASSED ON OUR familiar fables and fairy tales about gender, it is time to create some new... Read more