In Consultation January 25, 2024

Helping Couples Ask for What They Want

Communication in Couples Counseling

A therapist explains why it's so hard for partners to ask for what they need and how couples counseling can help. Read more

The Rise of Therapy-Speak

Matthias Barker on Bridging Social Media and the Therapy Room

Influencer and clinician Matthias Barker gives his take on what therapists can do when clinical buzzwords morph into flippant or incorrect notions that clients... Read more

Magdalini Agrafioti

Is there a way to engage in self-care while in conversation with someone or in session? Learn more about nonviolent communication, a mindful approach to... Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 6, 2020

How Do I Make Phone Sessions Effective?

Five Clinicians Weigh In
Psychotherapy Networker

Teletherapy allows therapists to notice their clients' subtle expressions, movements, and gestures. But some clients prefer phone sessions, which can make... Read more

Clinician's Quandary March 3, 2020

My Angry Client is Getting to Me

Five Clinicians Weigh In
Psychotherapy Networker

Mark has anger issues, and his therapist finds herself getting extremely reactive when he loses his temper in therapy. Recently, he called her “a joke” and... Read more

Putting an End to the Blame Game

A Tool for Helping Partners See Both Sides

Giving up being right doesn’t mean you give up your convictions. It means honoring a multiplicity of viewpoints. Rumi says, “Somewhere beyond right and... Read more

Psychologist and speaker Michael Alcée says therapists need to pay more attention to the introverts in their practice, to help them manage their anxiety and... Read more

In Consultation April 17, 2018

Jump-Starting Conversation in Family Therapy

The Difference Between Guiding and Intervening

How do you get family members to talk together productively? Enactments can be among the most valuable tools for getting a family's communication going. But... Read more

Coping and Learning After a Client's Suicide

A Therapist Reflects on What He Might Have Done Differently

I've been in full-time private practice for almost 30 years. In that time, three patients in my practice killed themselves. Each suicide has left me... Read more

We Weren't Meant to Live in "Screenworld"

Why Therapy is the Counterculture We Need

Nowadays, you see screens at checkout counters and laundromats, in restaurants and waiting rooms, and on the dashboards of cars and in their back seats. Isn't... Read more

Apologizing Under Fire

How to Handle Big-Time Criticism

It’s difficult enough to offer an apology when we see the need for it and believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s far more difficult when we’re... Read more

VIDEO: Talk Like a Therapist—Even from the Podium

Lynn Grodzki on Attracting New Clients by Being Ourselves

Lynn Grodzki shares about speaking with audiences about your therapy practice and how to leave your audience wanting more. Read more

In Consultation January 1, 2008

Mission Possible

The Art of Engaging Tough Teens

What to do when your teen clients give you the silent treatment. Read more