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The Therapists Who Raised Me

Tales from a Terrace Talk Veteran

November/December 2021
When becoming a therapist feels like part of our genetic makeup.

Whatever Happened to Family Therapy?

Today's Renaissance in Systems Thinking

January/February 2022
In their rush to change family systems—if not the world—family therapists didn’t anticipate that they too would be affected by structural forces.
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When Therapists Encourage Family Cutoffs

Are We Helping or Harming?

January/February 2022
Today’s culture of therapy both reflects and contributes to our nation’s ever-growing embrace of individualism—for better and, sometimes, for worse.
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Mediating Estrangement

How to Help Family Members Coexist

January/February 2022
After journeying through the Family Dialogue process, estranged family members often end up adjusting the very notion of what togetherness means.

Life without Atticus

When Siblings Parent Each Other

January/February 2022
Children need an adult who provides safety, attunement, empathy, acceptance, and boundaries. Can a sibling be the next best thing?

Family Matters

Letting Edin Go: A Mother Makes a Wrenching Decision

July/August 2022
The weight of whether to put a child in a group home.
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