September/October 2016 Issue Cover

Courage in Everyday Life

An Interview with Brené Brown

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Clearly, therapists must always respond with empathy, understanding, and attuned clinical expertise... Read more

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Living Brave

From Vulnerability to Daring

With millions of people having seen her TED talks and read her books, researcher and bestselling author Brené Brown is a phenomenon. But aside from her... Read more

Transcending Trauma

Learning How to Guide Devastated Clients Toward Growth

In the early days of the trauma field, clients were seen as one-dimensional bundles of dysfunction and pain, who needed to relive their trauma before progress... Read more

Hiding in Plain Sight

Clients' Symptoms Offer Clues to Their Strengths

As therapists, we’re taught to be master detectives who methodically investigate our clients’ symptoms in search of a “culprit”—the source of their... Read more

Extra Feature

The Bonds of War

PTSD Reconsidered

“In addition to all the destruction and loss of life, war also inspires ancient human virtues of courage, loyalty, and selflessness that can be utterly... Read more


Teaching Couples to Tap

How to Use Acupoints to Overcome Blocks to Intimacy

High-Stakes Therapy

Eating Disorders Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

Point of View: Creatures of Habit

How Do We Change Our Most Rigid Routines?

Mistaken Identity?

A Daughter Reflects on Her Father's Decision to Change Gender

The Unassignables

What Really Gets Handed Down in a Family?