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Article July 1, 2023

Coming Out As Plural

Setting the Record Straight on Dissociation

We all dissociate in some way to cope with the uncertainties of life, so why are people with dissociative identities often feared and misunderstood, even by... Read more

Article June 29, 2023

Therapist, Your Pain Matters Too

Battling Burnout with Boundaries

When mental health professionals compare their problems to that of their clients, they risk falling into the trappings of comparative suffering and missing the... Read more

Article April 28, 2023

Hunting for Harry

Can a Lost Marriage Be Retrieved?
Campbell Gregson

When losing your spouse in a bookstore helps you find perspective. Read more

Article April 28, 2023

Dating Again in Your 70s

A Couples Therapist Joins

Even when you've spent your entire career teaching people how to have relationships, finding love is still a risky, humbling, and unpredictable... Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Drowning in Debris

A Daughter Faces Her Mother’s Hoarding
Deborah Derrickson Kossmann

When a hoarding mother won’t face her illness, what choice does a daughter have? Read more

Article January 23, 2023

A Therapist Takes Ketamine

A Firsthand Account of a New Kind of Healing Journey
Moksha Donohue

After this experience, I knew I needed to share what I’d learned with my clients, and soon afterward decided to get training to become a ketamine-assisted... Read more

Article January 4, 2023

Far From Home

An Immigrant’s Search for Belonging
Sarah Jin

"Gohyang" is a Korean word that means "hometown" but translates to so much more. Read more

Article November 30, 2022

Love Scrabble

An Evening with My Wife's Boyfriend

Playing a traditional boardgame in a nontraditional romantic arrangement. Read more

Article November 29, 2022

The Couple Who Changed Me

Help Can Come from Unexpected Sources

The strongest couples are the ones who are open to help—the ones who can surround themselves with allies, inviting others into the trenches with them. Read more

Article October 26, 2022

A Script for Male Dementia Caregivers

Helping a Husband Be More Than a 'Pillar of Strength'

Many spousal dementia caregivers struggle emotionally watching their life partners slowly decline. But I also knew that male caregivers, especially spouses... Read more

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