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Failure to Launch

The Struggle to Leave Home in the 21st Century

The difficulty young people have leaving home is producing confusion amongst parents and their children. Read more

Case Study July 1, 2006

Failure to Launch

The struggle to leave home in the 21st century

The difficulty young people are having moving away from home today is producing confusion for both parents and kids. Read more

When You're 64

You May Be Ready to Retire, But What About Mom and Dad?

With the life expectancy of the elderly rising, today's Boomers, much maligned for their presumed selfishness, are facing a far more daunting challenge in... Read more

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Terry Hargrave, PhD, a professor of marriage and family therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous articles and books, including Restoration Therapy: Understanding and Guiding Healing in Marriage and Family Therapy.