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Neuroplasticity Isn’t Always for the Best

Why Therapists Should Know about the Plastic Paradox

Psychiatrist and author Norman Doidge believes that while the brain has an astonishing capacity for change, brain plasticity doesn’t always work out for the... Read more

Norman Doidge

Norman Doidge, FRCP, is a psychiatrist, training psychoanalyst, and neuroscience researcher (as well as poet and award-winning essayist), who has spent the many years exploring how to integrate recent discoveries in brain science, particularly neuroplasticity, into psychotherapeutic practice. Hes the author of The Brain That Changes Itself, a New York Times bestseller that describes the brains astonishing capacity for change, even in people seriously disabled from conditions like strokes, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and learning disorders, not to mention entrenched depression, anxiety, and crippling character traits. He also authored The Brains Way of Healing.