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Case Study May 9, 2016

Managing Hecklers in the Therapy Room

An Ex-Comedian Puts Her Old Skills to Use

What do the rules of comedy have to do with the practice of psychotherapy? More than you think. Read more

Case Study November 5, 2013

The Black Shadow

Facing the Taboo Issue of Race in the Consulting Room

Raising the issue of race in therapy can help African American clients connect their personal struggles to an enduring cultural legacy that many insist isn’t... Read more

Case Study January 1, 2010

Educating Theresa

Sometimes therapy means total commitment

Treating depression requires a commitment to working with mind, body, and spirit. Read more

The Big Moment

Inspiration Vs. Perpiration in the Therapy Room

We need Big Moments to move clients out of their ruts, their numbness, and their stuck places. But the Big Moment needs many little moments to make it stick. Read more

Cognitive-Behaviorism Comes of Age

Grounding symptomatic treatment in an existential approach

Helping her make a connection between her emotions and the traumatic event was an important milestone for Celeste, because it enabled her to viscerally... Read more

I Gave at the Office

Men and the Romance of Work

What draws so many men to define their manhood through work success, and how can therapists help men--and the women in their lives--understand what they get... Read more

David Waters

David Waters, PhD, is a psychologist in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was a professor of family medicine and psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School for 37 years. He retired in 2008.