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A Brain Science Strategy for Overwriting Traumatic Memories

Creating Juxtaposition Experiences to Relieve Trauma Symptoms

What we clinicians have learned in recent years about the intricacies of the brain's implicit memory systems has certainly helped us better recognize the... Read more

VIDEO: Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Confronting Self-Limiting Beliefs

Bruce Ecker shows how to apply the process of memory reconsolidation to bring about transformational change and therapeutic breakthroughs. Read more

VIDEO: Supplementing Attachment Theory

More Tools, More Solutions

While developing Coherence Therapy, Bruce Ecker, coauthor of Unlocking the Emotional Brain, spent a lot of time uncovering the differences between... Read more

VIDEO: In Search of the Therapeutic Breakthrough

Bruce Ecker on Finding the Underlying Reasons for Detrimental Behaviors

Watch this clip to hear Bruce talk about a client unwilling to leave an abusive situation and the approach he uses to uncover the underlying reasons why. Read more

When Treating Some Forms of Anxiety, Reenacting a Traumatic Memory May Be the Key Read more

One of the Guiding Principles of Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy Illustrated in a Client’s Panic Attack Treatment. Read more

Unlocking The Emotional Brain

Is Memory Reconsolidation the Key to Transformation?

New research into the complexities of memory reconsolidation offers important clues about how we can make the most elusive of consulting room events—the... Read more

The Brain's Rules for Change

Translating cutting-edge neuroscience into practice

For the firs time, we're beginning to understand how to directly delete emotional meanings attributed to disturbing past events. Read more

The Hidden Logic of Anxiety

Look for the Emotional Truth behind the Symptom

In our rush to remove the symptoms of anxiety, we too often ignore the client's hidden system of personal meaning. Focusing on that murky inner world can both... Read more

Bruce Ecker

Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT, is codirector of the Coherence Psychology Institute, co-originator of Coherence Therapy, and coauthor of Unlocking Emotional Brain and Depth Oriented Brief Therapy.