From the November/December 2022 Issue of Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

The best therapeutic tools from across the field of psychotherapy...on us! Practice Tools is a carefully curated collection of therapeutic interventions that are suitable to use with a variety of clients, easy to integrate with other treatment approaches, simple to follow (no hours of training required!), and completely free.

This month’s selection is a double-header from Eve Rodsky’s bestselling book, Fair Play. It’s ideal for helping clients improve communication and equity in their relationships.

Use The “Reflection Activity” to guide clients in understanding:

  • Nonverbal communication and how it can be toxic for relationships
  • Types of nonverbal communication that can show up in relationships
  • How to identify their nonverbal communication patterns

The “Pick-a-Card’ Activity” can help clients discover how the division of labor plays out in their relationship. Using the free digital Fair Play Cards found at, this activity provides a step-by-step guide to talking through each card. Clients will discover:

  • How to break down domestic activities into three stages to fully grasp the labor involved in each task
  • How to have direct conversations about household responsibilities
  • How to effectively listen to partners as they share the ways they contribute to household responsibilities

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