Mass Shooting

Coping After Tragedy

A Conversation on Collective Grief, Trauma & Healing

Networker talks with grief experts Andrea Dorn and David Kessler in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting about grief and healing as a community. Read more

When senseless tragedy turns a child's world upside down, parents are looking for mental health support for the whole family. Read more

Wendy Durant

Wendy Durant helps clinicians support families after gun violence in their community. Read more

Therapist Peer Groups, the "Emotional Lifeboat"

Doing Self-Care by Yourself Isn't Always Enough

In the sea of trauma that surrounds us in our daily lives and in our offices, self-care is a life jacket. But collective trauma needs a collective... Read more

The Therapy Beat July 3, 2019

In response to the ever-growing incidences of gun violence targeting students, many schools have instituted active-shooter drills. How are therapists... Read more

Therapists Talk Gun Violence

Brainstorming Ways to Make a Difference

As an estimated half-a-million protestors poured into downtown Washington, DC for the March for Our Lives, therapists who were in town for their field’s... Read more

The Therapy Beat March 8, 2016

Therapists reflect on the terror attack in Paris. Read more