In the Weeds

The Costs of Believing the Cannabis Hype

The U.S. cannabis industry has created a market worth up to 35 billion dollars, in part by convincing the public that THC is medicinal and safe. Are the people... Read more

The Medication Question

Do We Still Need Therapy?

Americans have a history of valuing quick-fix solutions to difficult problems. But the simplistic psychopharmacological approach to depressive disorders... Read more

Self-Compassion for Painful Emotions

An Eight-Step Practice for Parents

“I’m so distressed,” Stephanie said, immediately reaching for the box of tissues in our first session. “I’ve never felt this much sadness in my... Read more

Bessel van der Kolk assesses the importance and possible impact of the growing psychedelic-therapy movement. Read more

High Times in Therapy

Are We Ready to Talk Pot?

Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana, or both. But sizeable protests against legalization are... Read more

VIDEO: Doing Therapy with MDMA

A Chat with Pioneer Marcela Ot'alora G.

What's it like to be a therapist on the front lines of treating trauma with MDMA? Psychotherapist Marcela Ot'alora G., a principal investigator in... Read more

VIDEO: Why We Need to Talk with Psychiatrists

How Being “On Call” Keeps Kids from Falling through the Cracks

According to therapist Ron Taffel, author of Breaking Through to Teens, kids who need the extra boost from medication need their therapists to go the extra... Read more

VIDEO: How to Think Scientifically about Medications

Why Having a Hypothesis Works for the Non-Medical Therapist

Despite the increasing popularity of psychiatric meds as the go-to remedy for everything from seasonal depression to social anxiety, drugs are often not the... Read more

VIDEO: How to Broach the Subject of Medication with Kids

When Is It Necessary? An Expert Explains.

Given the stigma still attached to psychiatric drugs, it’s no surprise that today’s kids might have reservations about taking them. But as a specialist in... Read more

The Therapy Beat May 1, 2017

How have the practitioners in rural communities been responding to America’s opioid epidemic? Read more

The Therapy Beat May 1, 2015

Since it was introduced as an anesthetic in the 1970s, ketamine has occupied an uncertain pharmacological status. It’s been used as both a Vietnam-era... Read more

Stronger Medicine

Anti-Depressants Haven't Made Therapy Obsolete

Americans have a history of valuing quick-fix solutions to difficult problems. But the simplistic psychopharmacological approach to depressive disorders... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 11, 2014

The Power of Paying Attention

What Jon Kabat Zinn Has Against Spirituality

Jon Kabat-Zinn is acknowledged as one of the pioneers in mind-body medicine--a field that integrates ancient spiritual traditions like yoga and meditation with... Read more

Editor's Note - July/August 2014

An adequate substitution for psychotherapy? Our Love Affair with Psychotropics

In the age of Big Pharma, meds have flattened all before them in their virtual conquest of the mental health field. Over the years, antidepressants have come... Read more

Falling in Love Again

A Brief History of Psychoactive Drugs

Over the last 150 years, we’ve seen waves of mass infatuations with psychotropic drugs—antidepressants being the latest. While all these drugs are... Read more

Beyond Chemistry

Exploring Our Relationship with Our Meds

The chemical effect of psychoactive meds is only part of their impact. In fact, people often develop complex relationships with the pills they take. Read more

For many therapists, an air of mystery surrounds the role of psychopharmacology in mental health treatment. Here's a step-by-step tour of the complexities of... Read more

The Meds of the Future

Waiting for the Next Magic Pill

Does our growing understanding of the brain and the prospect of further scientific discoveries mean there’s a new generation of magical pills on the horizon? Read more

Are Antidepressants the Answer?

Michael Yapko on the Safety and Effectiveness of Antidepressants

Michael Yapko lays out a variety of reasons why antidepressants are not the solution for every client suffering from depression. Read more

The Therapy Beat January 8, 2014

Psychotherapy and the Affordable Care Act

Ecstasy in the Consulting Room
Tori Rodriguez and Kathleen Smith

Throughout the fall, news about the landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA), designed to extend healthcare coverage to millions of the country’s currently... Read more

Moving Beyond DSM-5

David Mays on the Future of Psychotherapy

David Mays talks about his disappointment in how medications are currently used and prescribed, the changes he’s seeing taking place, and what those changes... Read more

The Therapy Beat January 1, 2013

An alarming number of children and adolescents who walk into a psychiatrist’s office in the United States each year walk out with prescriptions for powerful... Read more

The Therapy Beat September 12, 2012

With nearly eight million Americans affected by the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and tens of thousands of troops returning from military... Read more

Psychotherapy At The Crossroads

A New Vision of Integrative Mental Health
Andrew Weil

An alternative to the old talking cure is expanding the knowledge base of psychotherapy as we recognize the role that exercise, nutrition, spirituality... Read more

In Consultation January 1, 2012

It’s More Complicated Than That

Probing the complexities of the antidepressants debate

The recent spate of negative research findings and unfavorable media coverage of antidepressant drugs have obscured some important clinical issues. Read more

Open Book May 1, 2009

The Art of the Practical

The Triumphs and Limits of Psychotherapy

From Freud to Zoloft, the story of therapy in this country has been the triumph of pragmatism over esoteric theory. Read more

Cynthia Maeschalck and Rob Axsen

Once skeptical about the value of regularly seeking client feedback, therapists at a public agency become true believers. Read more

Oh, How Happy We Will Be

The Future of Healthcare
Greg Crister

The pharmaceutical industry spends $10 billion on promotion every year. Is it so surprising that talk therapy is disappearing beneath the onslaught of today's... Read more