Subscription and Auto-renewal FAQs

How can I change my auto-renewal status?

You can update your auto-renewal status at any time by logging into subscription services.

Can I add auto-renewal to my current subscription?

Yes, you can add auto-renewal to your subscription at any time by logging into subscription services.

How do I associate my subscription with my online account?

You can associate your account on your subscription status page. You will need your email address and shipping zip code, exactly as it appears on your mailing label. The association process is automatically handled for you when signing up or renewing online.

I would like to give a gift subscription, but do not want it to auto-renew.

Gift subscriptions do not currently support the auto-renewal feature, so there is no need to make any changes. All renewal notifications will be sent to the shipping address prior to expiration. You can place a gift subscription here.

I am no longer interested in my subscription automatically renewing, can I turn it off?

Auto-renewal ensures you’ll never miss an issue, but you may turn it off at any time by logging into subscription services.  Your payment information will be removed from our system.

If at any time you decide you would like to turn the auto-renewal feature back on, you can easily do so by logging into subscription services. and entering your new payment information.

If you are having issues changing your autorenewal status, please contact us for further support!