Mail and Email Preferences FAQs

How do I get added to your email list?

Please visit our add to email list page to be added to our email list.

How do I unsubscribe from your email list?

Please visit our unsubscribe from email list page to be removed from our email list.

How do I sign up to receive the Week in Review newsletter?

In order to receive the Week in Review newsletter, please enter your email address in the gray box on the right side of our homepage, labeled, “Be the first to know…Discounts, Deals & News.”  You can also sign up on our add to email list page.  

To manage your email settings or unsubscribe from the Week in Review, hover over “Customer Care” in the toolbar at the top of our page, then click “Join Our Lists.”

How do I make sure email from Psychotherapy Networker is not delivered to my Spam or Junk folder?

You can proactively make Psychotherapy Networker a “Trusted Source” by adding our “From Address” ( to your address book, contact list, or safe sender list.

If you find a Psychotherapy Networker email in your spam or junk folder, many email programs allow you to mark the email as a “Trusted Source” by clicking “Not Spam” or “Add to Safe Senders List” which will allow future Psychotherapy Networker email to be delivered directly to your Inbox.

Will my information be sold?

No; Psychotherapy Networker will not sell your information. We do occasionally allow other companies to send you information on programs and products that are similar to ours. We always review and pre-approve the programs and products before we allow other companies to send you this information.