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Beyond the Brain-Body Split

A Relational Neuroscience Perspective

November/December 2021
Thinking about behavior only in terms of reinforcement and consequence is outdated. It’s not mind over matter. It’s both. Are new therapists getting that message?
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Love, Separation, and Power

Resolving a Mother–Daughter Conflict

January/February 2022
The power that parents have to influence the wellbeing of their adult children is often underestimated.

When Therapists Encourage Family Cutoffs

Are We Helping or Harming?

January/February 2022
Today’s culture of therapy both reflects and contributes to our nation’s ever-growing embrace of individualism—for better and, sometimes, for worse.
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Mediating Estrangement

How to Help Family Members Coexist

January/February 2022
After journeying through the Family Dialogue process, estranged family members often end up adjusting the very notion of what togetherness means.

Life without Atticus

When Siblings Parent Each Other

January/February 2022
Children need an adult who provides safety, attunement, empathy, acceptance, and boundaries. Can a sibling be the next best thing?

The Therapy Beat

Agitated Kids, Dangerous Punishment: Rethinking the Policy of Seclusion and Restraint

March/April 2022
Seclusion and restraint is a rare but extreme response to students deemed unruly. One parent, backed by some clinical allies, is drawing attention to its traumatic effects.

In Consultation

Unshed Tears: Helping Kids Work through Unresolved Grief

March/April 2022
Many of the ways that children grieve differently from adults can go unrecognized and unprocessed.

Free Play with Neurodivergent Kids

Insights from DIRFloortime

May/June 2022
Is there an alternative to applied behavioral analysis for children on the spectrum?

The Therapy Beat

The Ideation Factor: Changing How We Think about Youth Suicide

September/October 2022
Suicidal ideation among teens is overlooked, understudied, and sometimes even willfully ignored.
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Case Study

"Why Won’t You Like Sports?" The Father–Son Struggle with Gender Expectations

September/October 2022
As young people move forward with new, more flexible frameworks for thinking about gender, it’s not always easy to bring parents along.
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