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Hanging Out With the In Crowd on Myspace.com

July/August 2006
Hanging out with the in crowd on MySpace.com.

The Divided Self

Inside the World of 21st Century Teens

July/August 2006
For decades before and after World War II, children all over the United States hung out, had slumber parties, made crank phone calls, and played sports unsupervised. They didn't need the help of adults to set up play dates or hand out certificates of participation. As we know all too well by now, we no longer live in that world. What's less apparent is that, despite the appearance of greater parental involvement and psychological sophistication, most adults are just as clueless about the "second family" of their children's peer group and adolescent pop culture as they ever were.

Lost in Electronica

Today's Media Culture is Leaving Boys at a Loss for Words

July/August 2006

Hungry for Connection

10 Ways to Improve Your Therapy with Adolescent Girls

July/August 2006

In Consultation

Mission Possible: The Art of Engaging Tough Teens

January/February 2008
What to do when your teen clients give you the silent treatment.

Beloved Stranger

Temperament and the Elusive Concept of Normality

May/June 2005
An understanding of the inborn dimensions of human temperament reveals that the concept of "normal" is far richer and more expansive than previously imagined.

Pathologizing for Dollars

The rise of the ADHD diagnosis

January/February 2008

Case Studies

The Worry Hill - A Child-friendly Approach to OCD

May/June 2008
Therapists helping children confront OCD face a formidable obstacle: helping their young clients get beyond their immediate terror in the hope of reaping long-term benefits.

Case Study

The Healing Power of Play: Helping the Traumatized Child Find Safety Again

September/October 2008
When a small child has been traumatized and frozen in fear, the releasing and disarming power of play can be the key to healing.

The Impossible Child

A New Treatment Offers Hope for the Undiagnosable

September/October 2000
In the fall of Evan's second year of preschool, Mr. Warren's view of my son's future took a turn. He began describing him as "disruptive," "aggressive" and, on one occasion, "violent." He hinted that his school might not be the right place for Evan and suggested that we get a "behavioral analysis" at the university psychology clinic. I was furious, and grateful, that he didn't seem to remember that I analyze behavior for a living.
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