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The New Grief

Long, Long Day’s Journey Into Night

July/August 2011
The increasing ability of modern medicine to arrest or slow terminal illness means that never before has death been such an extended process for so many. But as a culture, we're only just beginning to face the deep ambivalence this creates for both patient and family.
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Is Enough Ever Enough?

The Right-to-Die Debate

July/August 2011
We’re living longer and longer, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’d choose to live through a painful terminal illnesses. Do we have the right to choose? Should we?

Unhappy Endings

Death as Technology’s Slave

July/August 2011
A perverse set of financial incentives within the medical system too often leads to the promotion of maximum treatment, no matter what. When this happens, patients and families may no longer be the beneficiaries of the war on sudden death, becoming its victims.


Each of Us Owes the Universe a Death

July/August 2011

In a very dark corner of each of our minds is a voice that says, “I’m going to die. One day, I’m going to die.” How we react to this voice determines how we live our lives.

Family Matters

Coming Full Circle: Learning to Choose Where You Look

January/February 2011
Understanding your place in the great circle of life is often a matter of where you choose to look.

Family Matters

Raising Cadence: A mother and daughter journey through grief

July/August 2009
Helping a child move through grief sometimes means avoiding the temptation to ease her pain.

Reliable Witness

What it Takes to be With Your Clients to the End

September/October 2007
Few of us instinctively know what to do and say when families are confronting the death of a loved one. But we can start by being with them in the struggle.

Winter Passage

Acknowledging Spirituality in Life's Final Journey

September/October 2007
Drawing on spiritual resources can ease the pain and sorrow of death for client and therapist alike.

Family Matters

Learning from Memory: Sometimes the True Value of a Gift Can Only Be Appreciated Later

November/December 2007
A parentless woman recalls her childhood Christmas rituals.

Too Much Information

Field Notes from the Genetics Frontier

May/June 2007
As genomic science is increasingly able to map our future, therapists must help families make difficult decisions.
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