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Practice Tools - November/December 2021

Three Relaxation & Guided Imagery Scripts, from Carolyn Daitch’s Affect Regulation Toolbox: Practical & Effective Hypnotic Interventions for the Over-reactive Client.

November/December 2021
Your FREE practice tools download to use with clients right away.
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When Therapists Encourage Family Cutoffs

Are We Helping or Harming?

January/February 2022
Today’s culture of therapy both reflects and contributes to our nation’s ever-growing embrace of individualism—for better and, sometimes, for worse.
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Case Study

Bursting the Bubble of Individual Therapy: The Need to See Our Clients in a Relational Context

January/February 2022
As the years pass, is it possible that the more we work with long-term clients, the more we might overlook bigger issues that aren’t being addressed?

Rifts & Reconnection

Helping Adult Children Heal

January/February 2022
Five therapists weigh in on how to support adult children in reconnecting with estranged parents.
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