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Point of View

Casting a Wider Therapeutic Net: Dr. Joy on Therapy for Black Girls

May/June 2021
The founder of a rapidly growing online community helps young Black women candidly discuss and destigmatize mental health issues.

Editor's Note

July/August 2021
In the therapy field, especially, we tend to view self-deception as a path to any number of bad ends, like a sense of failure when reality collides with fantasy, or making ill-begotten choices. Of course, illusions do carry these hazards, and plenty of others! But as science journalist Shankar Vedantam argues in our lead piece, perhaps we need to widen our lens beyond what’s true or not, and ask what function an illusion is serving. What are the consequences? Might there be occasions when the benefits justify the costs?
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You Can Do Anything

The Outsized Dreams of Adolescents

July/August 2021
What if we stopped looking to modify the unique functioning of the teenage brain—delusional though it may be at times—and did more to foster the creative and generative aspects of an adolescent’s alternative worldview?
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The Magic Dial

Reframing Cognitive Distortions

July/August 2021
Beyond identifying the distortions in negative cognitions, how can we help clients understand that negative thoughts and feelings aren’t the result of what’s wrong with them—but what’s right with them?

Conspiracy Theories in the Therapy Encounter

July/August 2021
Conspiracy theories might be considered a dangerous kind of delusion. So how do you address them when they show up in the therapy room?

The Myth of Infallibility

A Therapist Comes to Terms with a Client’s Suicide

July/August 2021
When it comes to coping with suicide deaths, we therapists need to let go of our superhero expectations and support one another as dedicated, fallible professionals and human beings.
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The Therapy Beat

Surrogate Partner Therapy: Crossing Lines or Expanding Boundaries?

September/October 2021
The debate around surrogate partner therapy.

The Perpetual Student

A Trauma Treatment Journey

November/December 2021
A long-term client leads a therapist to discover that maybe the hard way is how we learn best.
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The Love Magician

A Therapist Lays Down Her Wand

November/December 2021
There’s magic in therapy—all types—the most astonishing of which only happens when you stop trying to put on a flawless show.
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Case Study

“You Have Borderline Personality Disorder”: Sharing a Difficult Diagnosis with a Client

November/December 2021
Therapists need to consider not only what diagnosis to give, but also the pain or hardship that can result from sharing it with a client.
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