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Family Matters

The Last Dance: Awakening a Mother’s Joyful Spirit

January/February 2016
Toward the end of her life, a woman turns back the clock by performing the goofy ballet of her youth.
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Writing on Water

A Diary of Riding Out the Storm

July/August 2015
A therapist discovers what it means to be fully present, even in the face of the terrifying prospect of a declining mind.

Family Matters

We’ll Never Be Here Again: Stopping to Listen on a Late-life Passage

July/August 2015
A sexagenarian contemplates the sobering knowledge that she’s got “a tiny little future and a great big past.”

Narrowing the Gap

Striving for Honesty in the Therapy Room

March/April 2015
Anticipating endings may encourage us to grasp the present with greater vitality.

Family Matters

A Little Wiggle Room

January/February 2015
It’s never too late to change your story

Family Matters

Rocking On! From grief to rebirth

November/December 2014
A daughter marvels as her mother goes from grief to an exuberant rebirth.

Family Matters

Reading the Lake: After 30 Years, a Sanctuary is Threatened

March/April 2014
Our heads may tell us that we need to embrace inevitable changes as we grow older, but our hearts often tell a different story.

Family Matters

More More Time: Discovering the Endless Present

September/October 2013
A new retiree discovers the elusive secret of the endless present.

Dark Passage

Suffering and the Quest for Wisdom

March/April 2013
There’s something about healing from the deep emotional suffering that feels like death and rebirth—not the quick kind that some claim to receive in religious conversion. It’s the kind that asks us to be open to changing our contract with life in the most fundamental way.

Family Matters

After the Anger: Learning to Love an Imperfect Parent

March/April 2013
A man entering his sixties discovers some peculiar markers that signal a retreat from old oppositional habits.
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