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The Four Stages of Supervision

Establishing a Lasting Relationship with Your Supervisee

November/December 2021
Teacher? Guide? Gatekeeper? Consultant? How clarifying your role as supervisor helps.

Therapy, Fast and Slow

Training Clinicians to Balance Doing with Being

November/December 2021
How do therapists create a great training culture, one in which we become substantially better at what we do?

Embracing Our Core Competencies

How Would It Change the Practice of Therapy?

November/December 2021
Training to become technicians in particular areas isn’t what best serves our clients.

Beyond the Brain-Body Split

A Relational Neuroscience Perspective

November/December 2021
Thinking about behavior only in terms of reinforcement and consequence is outdated. It’s not mind over matter. It’s both. Are new therapists getting that message?
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The Mentor Who Changed My Practice

November/December 2021
Three clinicians share their experiences of the power of supervision.

Practice Tools - November/December 2021

Three Relaxation & Guided Imagery Scripts, from Carolyn Daitch’s Affect Regulation Toolbox: Practical & Effective Hypnotic Interventions for the Over-reactive Client.

November/December 2021
Your FREE practice tools download to use with clients right away.
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When Your Supervisor's A Tough Crowd

Learning to Take the Lead

November/December 2021
The moment before a client meets a therapist is not unlike sitting in a theater just before curtain. The drama about to unfold will inevitably pale in comparison to the anticipation of what could be.

In Consultation

When Therapists Blame Themselves: Using Regret to Deepen Our Work

January/February 2022
Most therapists struggle with guilt and self-blame related to their work. Thankfully, there are ways to leverage these feelings so we can grow from them.

Case Study

Bursting the Bubble of Individual Therapy: The Need to See Our Clients in a Relational Context

January/February 2022
As the years pass, is it possible that the more we work with long-term clients, the more we might overlook bigger issues that aren’t being addressed?

Point of View

Burnout and the Body: Emily Nagoski on Naming the Real Enemy

January/February 2022
Self-care has long been touted as a panacea for burnout. Emily Nagoski has a different solution.
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