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Mad as Hell: The End of the Era of Male Entitlement

March/April 2014

The era of unchallenged male entitlement has come to an end, and many men are mad as hell. A new book provides context to help us deal with this anger in the consulting room.

Case Study

How to Heal the Angry Brain: Mad Men

September/October 2012
Men with anger problems are generally highly reluctant clients who come to our offices only because they’ve gotten “the ultimatum” from their wives, girlfriends, or bosses. Fortunately, understanding the angry brain can help build their motivation for change.

Case Study

Using Men’s Groups to Enhance Couples Therapy: Men Helping Men

May/June 2012
For men who still consider entering couples therapy a stroll into a lion’s den of shame, humiliation and failure, a men’s groups can be both a crucial source of support and a kick in the pants.

The Awful Truth

Most Men Are Just Not Raised to be Intimate

November/December 2002
After the publication of my book, I Don't Want to Talk about It, I started getting calls from people around the United States who wanted help. Naming the issue of "covert depression" in men seemed to have struck a chord. Some of the calls were from men, but most were from women who were at the end of their rope, having already dragged their partners to therapy, veterans of at least one, most often several, failed courses of couples work.

Breaking the Spell

A Good Boy Learns to Become a Man

March/April 2004
A man who grew up rescuing the women around him learns that there's no saving someone from sorrow. Sometimes the best we can do—all we can do—is offer a bit of kindness.

Case Studies

Male-Friendly Couples Counseling: Finding love beyond words

March/April 2009
To do successful couples therapy, it's crucial to understand how to make our methods more male-friendly.


Why Men Fear Therapy

May/June 2010
Shame is the least understood dimension of men's inner experience—by both men themselves and the people who live with them. This lack of understanding may be the key to why fewer than one-third of psychotherapy clients are male.
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Lions Without a Cause

Men's animal instincts don't fit the modern world

May/June 2010
Let's face it: love means something quite different to men and women. A look at other species of social mammals offers some remarkable insights into the biological underpinnings of this difference.

Women Treating Men

Therapy across the gender divide

May/June 2010
Gender shapes relationship from the very first moment therapist meets client, especially when the client is male and the therapist is female.

Game On!

Bringing the locker room into the consulting room

May/June 2010
Although therapy is often considered a profession dominated by the female sensibility, a lifelong gym rat, much practiced in the arts of masculine aggression, applies the lessons of the basketball court in the consulting room.
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