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Couples Therapy Around the World

Putting EFT to Work in Two Cultures

March/April 2022
With its Western focus on secure emotional bonds and demonstrative, healthy attachment in couples, how does Emotionally Focused Therapy fit into ancient and collectivist cultures?

Point of View

Getting Past You and Me: Cultivating the “Us” in Intimate Relationship

March/April 2022
Terry Real is on a mission: leading couples into increased intimacy by moving them beyond a culture of individualism.

When Humor Hurts

What Lies Beneath a Couple’s Jokes

May/June 2022
The jokes many couples share reinforce their identity as an “us.” But there can be a dark side to humor in couples, too.

In Consultation

Embracing a Shared Retirement Vision: Helping Older Couples Make Rewarding Choices

May/June 2022
Helping older couples create a shared vision for their retirement years.
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