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Access for All

Tackling Therapy’s Biggest Challenge

May/June 2021
Will screening peer counselors for empathy create an affordable, effective option for the tens of millions of Americans who can’t access therapy, or perhaps don’t want it?

The Fox and the Hedgehog

Flexibility and Focus in the Therapy Room

July/August 2021
As a therapist, is it better to adapt an eclectic approach or specialize in the one you believe in most? Perhaps the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.

The Magic Dial

Reframing Cognitive Distortions

July/August 2021
Beyond identifying the distortions in negative cognitions, how can we help clients understand that negative thoughts and feelings aren’t the result of what’s wrong with them—but what’s right with them?

Conspiracy Theories in the Therapy Encounter

July/August 2021
Conspiracy theories might be considered a dangerous kind of delusion. So how do you address them when they show up in the therapy room?

The Therapy Beat

The TikTok Therapist: Goodbye, Blank Slate

July/August 2021
For some therapists, using TikTok isn’t a marketing tactic, but a public service.

Point of View

The Angry Therapist: Transparency as a Therapeutic Tool

July/August 2021
John Kim believes that a therapist’s own vulnerability helps clients feel comfortable enough to bare their own souls—and he practices what he preaches.


A Cacophony of Opinion: Can We Trust "Expert" Judgment?

July/August 2021
Why is it that two or more experts in a given field can look at identical case histories and data and come up with broadly differing assessments and evaluations?

The Therapy Beat

Surrogate Partner Therapy: Crossing Lines or Expanding Boundaries?

September/October 2021
The debate around surrogate partner therapy.

In Consultation

I’d Rather Clean the Toilet than Write Progress Notes: Making Peace With An Essential Task

September/October 2021
Writing progress notes doesn’t have to be a bore.
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Editor's Note

November/December 2021
The truth is, supervision is harder to come by these days. For a number of reasons that we explore here, some trainees don’t have access to regular supervision, while others say they entered private practice without anyone ever having seen them work with a client—at least not in real-time. How can we, as a field, begin to close this troubling gap?
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