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The Future of Psychotherapy

Beware the Siren Call of Integrated Care

July/August 2001
The age of integrated care is upon us, and psychotherapy may soon be incorporated in a way that will profoundly affect how and where it is practiced. But what will this new system really look like? How will therapists—and the therapeutic process—fit into it? What values will lie at its core?

The Bottom Line

A Fee Policy Can Clarify the Therapeutic Relationship

November/December 1998
Money is an underdiscussed topic in graduate programs, supervision and peer groups, yet every therapist I know has felt the awkwardness of seeming mercenary when insisting to a client who has fallen behind that he or she needs to pay.

When Seismic Change Becomes the Norm

The Therapist in the Real World

March/April 2016
There was a time, not long ago, when all therapists needed to begin practicing their craft was a quiet room, an appointment book, a phone, and an answering machine. Since then, our field has gone through some truly seismic shifts.

Clinician's Digest

The Podcast Boom: Is It for You?

November/December 2018
Podcasts have exploded in numbers and popularity. What do mental health professionals need to know about this way of expanding their audience and their practice?

Point of View

How Private Practice Can Survive COVID-19

July/August 2020
Discovering new possibilities for private practice in a time of upheaval—and planning for more uncertainty.

Going Virtual with Couples

From Skeptic to Believer

November/December 2020
Online couples therapy can be tough, especially with a high-stakes case. The developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy dives into the deep end with a couple living in the Arctic.


How Teletherapy Changed My Life and My Practice

November/December 2020
The pandemic has showed us just how much our clients need us—and how much we need to tend to ourselves. For some therapists, this has meant reimagining their entire practice.

Reaching Out in Nervous Times

Polyvagal Theory Encounters Teletherapy

November/December 2020
Connecting with clients on a nervous-system level is especially important to therapists working from a polyvagal framework. But is it possible to offer coregulation through a screen?
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In Consultation

Money Matters: Getting Clear with Ourselves and Our Clients

November/December 2020
Knowing your financial worth as a therapist can model self-care and self-respect for clients.

Point of View

Scaling Up Mental Health: Sharing Our Expertise with a Wider Community

January/February 2021
Psychologist Ali Mattu is on a mission to bring therapeutic principles to the mainstream.
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