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In Consultation

A Warm Bath for the Brain: Understanding oxytocin's role in therapeutic change

November/December 2009
How to get through to clients caught in fight-flight-freeze mode.

It's a Jungle in There

We're Not as Evolved as We Think

September/October 2008
The human brain is an anachronistic menagerie that confronts the psychotherapist with the challenge of treating a human, a horse, and a crocodile, all attempting to inhabit the same body and often struggling for dominance simultaneously.

Our Serotonin, Our Selves?

Can the Brains of the Dead Give Hope to the Living?

September/October 2008
A project studying the brains of people who committed suicide raises basic questions about how much brain chemicals control our lives and what control is left is to us.

Brain to Brain

Applying the Wisdom of Neuroscience in Your Practice

September/October 2008

Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Finding the neural key to transformation

September/October 2008
Findings about memory consolidation in the brain have opened up the possibility that transformational therapeutic change is more feasible than we previously believed.


Night Visions: Dreams can free us from the constricting world of rationality

September/October 2008
While most neuroscience seem to have concluded that the function of dreams may be little more than a neural detergent, some still believe they offer clues to hidden riches of the mind.


The Art of Self-justification - We're all at the mercy of cognitive dissonance

May/June 2008
Far from being a relic of Psych 101, the theory of cognitive dissonance may have more relevance in understanding today's world than ever.

In Consultation

The Motherhood Marathon: Acknowledging the challenge of modern childrearing

March/April 2007
Too many therapists underestimate the psychological trials of motherhood.

Case Study

Like a Ghost - Using EMDR to Revive a Traumatized Vet’s Marriage

January/February 2007
EMDR helps a young Irag War vet and his wife emerge from the nightmare of his war experience.

Understanding the Neural Marinade

Controversy over gender differences and the brain

January/February 2007
A new book asserting that men and women have fundamentally different brains has stirred more than its fair share of controversy.
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