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Article November 1, 1995

In the fluid world of our practices, we must face the truth of opposing truths everyday. Read more

Article September 1, 1995

The Shadow of Evil

How Do You Speak about the Unspeakable?
Moshe Lang

In the "talking cure" of therapy, silence is usually associated with resistance, denial and shame. But silence may also be a recognition that ordinary language... Read more

Article July 1, 1995

The Gift of Friendship

Bringing an Invaluable Resource into the Therapy Room

We're pairing up later, splitting up faster, remarrying less often and increasingly deciding to avoid the whole quagmire by staying permanently single. In... Read more

Article July 1, 1995

What does account for a goodly chunk of the positive change that clients experience from therapy, the outcome research shows, is the time-honored therapeutic... Read more

Article June 1, 1995

Crazy Like a Fox

Remembering Carl Whitaker

When Carl Whitaker died at age 83 on April 21st of this year after a long illness, it might be said that the therapy world lost its oldest, wisest and most... Read more

Article May 1, 1995

Wild Boy

Helping Touretters Manage the Unique Chaos of Their Lives
George Lynn

In the Middle Ages, Gregory Lynn would have been considered possessed by demons. Today, he's diagnosed with a profound neurochemical imbalance called... Read more

Article May 1, 1995

Emerging from the Shadows

Looking Beyond the Borderline Diagnosis

In the minds of many therapists, the borderline diagnosis has come to be a code word for trouble. To get past our sense of helplessness with these clients, we... Read more

Article January 1, 1995

The Age of Interruption

On Hold in a Call-Waiting World

As today's hyperkinetic families struggle to create the semblance of a shared life out of the frantic and conflicting schedules of their members, the... Read more

Article November 1, 1994

Miniature Roses

A therapist finally makes the long journey home

"Mom, I think it's time to really forgive you, and maybe even me. But I'm still mad. I just don't know how to let go of it. Believe it or not, I've been trying... Read more

Article September 1, 1994
Amitai Etzioni

We need more realistic expectations about the possibilities of human transformation Read more