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Article September 1, 1997

The Shirt Off My Back

Losing control of your story can be a terrifying experience

Losing control of your story can be one of life's most terrifying experiences. Read more

Article July 1, 1997

Manners Matter

Respecting the etiquette of effective psychotherapy
Daniel L. Buccino

From the July/August 1997 issue Whenever I talk about my belief in the link between etiquette and successful psychotherapy, people exclaim “Manners?! You... Read more

Article July 1, 1997

A River Runs Through It

When a community tries its best and fails, then what?

From the July/August 1997 issue People in North Dakota insist that the land is so flat, they can spot an anthill a half mile away. Local lore says that... Read more

Article May 1, 1997

New Science for Psychotherapy

Can we predict how therapy will progress?

Psychologists Robert-Jay Green and Paul D. Werner of the California School of Professional Psychology insist that family therapists who don't rethink their... Read more

Article May 1, 1997

Truth and Reconciliation?

Healing the wounds of apartheid

From the May/June 1997 issue   “Ordinary South Africans are determined that the past be known, the better to insure that it is not repeated... Read more

Article May 1, 1997

Hot Chat

Virtual affairs can become very real emotionally
Linda S. Freedman

From the May/June 1997 issue The Internet has entered the consulting room in ways that few therapists could possibly have anticipated. Today, Internet... Read more

Article May 1, 1997

Fierce Creatures

How I nearly lost my innocence in La-La Land

From the May/June 1997 issue I have just completed my first, and very likely my last, close encounter with the fierce business that has occupied my... Read more

Article March 1, 1997

The Anatomy of Resilience

New research reveals what helps people shake off adversity

We have clues about what makes some people prevail over psychological adversity... Read more

Article November 1, 1996

The Mission Memory

Furnishing our Present with Specters of the Past

Every response, belief, action, and emotion can be seen as a wave of memory. The present is gauged by how much it joins or fails our memories. So what is the... Read more

Article November 1, 1996

A jazz drummer tunes in to how a couple organizes time Read more