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How do I contact Psychotherapy Networker?

For login, magazine subscriptions, continuing education, account and technical support:

Online Form: Click here to fill out a contact form.
Phone: (888) 851-9498, 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central Time, M-F.
Fax: (800) 554-9775
PESI, Inc. 
PO Box 1000
Eau Claire, WI 54702

For article submissions and help locating articles:

Editorial Office:

What is the Federal I.D. number for Psychotherapy Networker?


Where can I get a W-9 for Psychotherapy Networker?

Click here to access the W-9 form for download or print.

Is Psychotherapy Networker a part of PESI, Inc.?

Psychotherapy Networker joined the PESI family in 2015, and PESI began providing support services for Psychotherapy Networker in February 2016. Customer service is provided by PESI and can be reached at (888) 851-9498.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please contact us. To request a copy of our full grievance policy, please email

What is your professional conduct/non-discrimination policy?

It is the policy of Psychotherapy Networker to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all of its continuing education activities. Psychotherapy Networker does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability.

Attention: New Hampshire Participants

New Hampshire Participant Disclosures

  • Previous education and credits cannot be applied to classes at Psychotherapy Networker (PESI, Inc.).
  • Students who cancel their Psychotherapy Networker Symposium registration must do so before February 28th and in writing, and will receive a refund less a $50 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations postmarked after February 28th. All refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students who file an official written grievance with Psychotherapy Networker (PESI, Inc.) can contact the New Hampshire Department of Education at the address below if they feel unsatisfied with the outcome of said grievance at Psychotherapy Networker (PESI, Inc.). Students who withdraw from the class must do so in writing.

New Hampshire Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301

Commission on Dietetic Registration Participant Disclosures

Learners may submit feedback regarding the quality of PESI activities/materials to CDR at or 312-899-0040 Ext. 5500 or Commission on Dietetic Registration Credentialing Agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190 Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995