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    Welcome to the archives of Psychotherapy Networker. Your digital subscription includes access to more than 150 issues spanning four decades. From the early days of the Family Therapy Practice Networker newsletter in the '80s to coverage of major world events in the 2000s, explore the heart of psychotherapy through the years with our founder Rich Simon and the countless contributors who wrote for this award-winning publication.

Archive Issues


Family Therapy Networker: November/December 1996

Lost in the Present

Have we forgotten how to remember?

Family Therapy Networker: September/October 1996

All Talked Out?

Therapists explore mind-body alternatives

Family Therapy Networker: July/August 1996


New Hope for Trauma Survivors?

Family Therapy Networker: May/June 1996

Across the Great Divide

Reaching out to teenagers in a troubled time

Family Therapy Networker: March/April 1996

Nine to Five and Beyond

Does the way we work really work?

Family Therapy Networker: January/February 1996

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The risks of pretending we'll live forever


Family Therapy Networker: November/December 1995

Clinical Virtues for the '90s

What makes a good therapist good?

Family Therapy Networker: September/October 1995

The New Visionaries

Searching for the Role Models of the Future

Family Therapy Networker: July/August 1995


Celebrating One of Life's Sweetest Mysteries

Family Therapy Networker: May/June 1995

The Last Word

How did DSM become psychotherapy's highest authority?

Family Therapy Networker: March/April 1995

Fallen from Grace

How psychotherapy can redeem its tarnished reputation

Family Therapy Networker: January/February 1995


Spinning through our time-starved lives