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    Welcome to the archives of Psychotherapy Networker. Your digital subscription includes access to more than 150 issues spanning four decades. From the early days of the Family Therapy Practice Networker newsletter in the '80s to coverage of major world events in the 2000s, explore the heart of psychotherapy through the years with our founder Rich Simon and the countless contributors who wrote for this award-winning publication.

Archive Issues


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2002

Bad Couples Therapy

How to Avoid It

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2002

Brain Therapy

The Neuroscience Discoveries that can change your practice

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2002


Is It the Wave of the Future?

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2002

The Changing Faces of Psychotherapy

Reflections on 20 Years of the Networker

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2002


The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2002

Whatever Happened to Transformation?

New Approaches to the Art of the Therapeutic Breakthrough


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2001

Beyond Despair

Healing and Resilience in the Time of Terror

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2001

Turning Points

Moments of truth that transformed 5 noted therapists and their practices

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2001

The Future of Psychotherapy

What the Mental Health Marketplace Has in Store for You

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2001

New Hope for the 'Borderline' Client

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2001

Our Technology, Ourselves

How the Digital Revolution is Changing Psychotherapy

Family Therapy Networker: January/February 2001

Going Deep

Therapeutic Connection in the Age of the Quick Fix