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    Welcome to the archives of Psychotherapy Networker. Your digital subscription includes access to more than 150 issues spanning four decades. From the early days of the Family Therapy Practice Networker newsletter in the '80s to coverage of major world events in the 2000s, explore the heart of psychotherapy through the years with our founder Rich Simon and the countless contributors who wrote for this award-winning publication.

Archive Issues


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2004

The Citizen-Therapist

Making a difference in the Wider World

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2004

Getting Comfortable with the Brain

How to apply the latest neuroscience in your practice

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2004

The Body in Psychotherapy

How far do we want to go?

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2004

Enlightenment in the Consulting Room

Opening to the larger self

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2004

The Secret Lives of Clients

The inside story of what really happens in therapy

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2004

In the Eye of the Storm

Bessel van der Kolk has the trauma filed in an uproar


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2003

The New Anxiety

Meeting the Challenge of a Scary World

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2003

The Power of Purpose

Turning our daily habits into shining moments

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2003

Beyond Victimhood

Psychotherapy Enters a New Era

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2003

Rediscovering Pleasure

Are Therapists Afraid of Eroticism?

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2003

Therapist Heal Thyself

Finding Clinical Wisdom in Unexpected Places

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2003

Getting Unstuck

Unconventional Approaches to Therapeutic Stalemate