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    Welcome to the archives of Psychotherapy Networker. Your digital subscription includes access to more than 150 issues spanning four decades. From the early days of the Family Therapy Practice Networker newsletter in the '80s to coverage of major world events in the 2000s, explore the heart of psychotherapy through the years with our founder Rich Simon and the countless contributors who wrote for this award-winning publication.

Archive Issues


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2006

The Present Moment

How can we get there? & How can we stay?

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2006

Couples Adrift

What Science is Telling Us About Helping Troubled Relationships

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2006

21st Century Teens

2 Cool 2BTrue?

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2006

The Road Less Traveled

What Would You Risk to Follow Your Dream?

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2006

Deciding about Divorce

Therapy and the Marriage-Preservation Movement

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2006

Getting Happy

Can Positive Psychology Show Us the Way?


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2005

Learning to Fly

Creativity in the consulting room

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2005

Changing Your Mind

The new brain technologies and the future of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2005

America's Therapist

Why do 6.6 million people invite Dr. Phil into their homes every day?

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2005

What Happened to Family Therapy?

The '70s revolution goes mainstream

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2005

Therapy at the Edge

Finding Your Way Across the Void

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2005

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Growing Older with Open Eyes