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Welcome to the archives of Psychotherapy Networker. Your digital subscription includes access to more than 150 issues spanning four decades. From the early days of the Family Therapy Practice Networker newsletter in the '80s to coverage of major world events in the 2000s, explore the heart of psychotherapy through the years with our founder Rich Simon and the countless contributors who wrote for this award-winning publication. For issues from 2011 to present, visit Past Issues.

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Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2010

The Wounds of War

Returning vets are challenging us to rethink our approaches to PTSD

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2010

Life After 2.0

Has the Digital Revolution Become a Relationship Revolution?

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2010

The New Monogamy

Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2010

The Secret World of Men

What therapists need to know

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2010


The growing debate over the legacy of trauma

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2010

Psychotherapy and the Brain

Are we entering a new era of practice


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2009

The Porn Explosion

How Are Therapists Reacting?

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2009

Parenting in the Age of Whatever

Paradoxes of the Post-Boomer Family

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2009

A World of Difference

Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2009

Can We Change Our Stripes?

The role of temperament in psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2009

In Search of a Safety Net

Helping our clients and ourselves in the new economy

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2009

Face to Face

The art of connection in the age of Screenworld


Psychotherapy Networker: November/December 2008

Now What?

Putting therapy skills to work in our post-election world

Psychotherapy Networker: September/October 2008

How Evolved are We?

The triune brain in the consulting room

Psychotherapy Networker: July/August 2008

Ain't Dead Yet!

Against all odds, community mental health fights to hold on to its vision

Psychotherapy Networker: May/June 2008

The New Face of America

Psychology takes on the Immigration Debate

Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2008

A Nation of Insomniacs

Reclaiming The Lost Art of Sleep

Psychotherapy Networker: January/February 2008

Looking In Looking Out

Mindfulness as a path to Relationship

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