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NP0018: Becoming a Smarter Therapist

Practical Insights For More Positive Outcomes

Working harder—seeing more clients, going to more workshops, watching more videos—doesn’t seem to actually help therapists enhance their skills. But there’s an emerging science of expertise and human performance that shows that working smarter does make a difference. This series will offer practical guidance on how to work more systematically to improve your case outcomes and move to the next level of clinical accomplishment.

Scott MillerEtienne WengerBarry DuncanMichael LambertRobbie Babins-WagnerWilliam PinsofDonald Meichenbaum
Scott Miller, Etienne Wenger, Barry Duncan, Michael Lambert, Robbie Babins-Wagner, William Pinsof, and Donald Meichenbaum. Host: Rich Simon
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7 Leading Experts Talk
About What Really Works

Scott Miller Session 1
Achieving Clinical Excellence
Learn why experience, theoretical orientation, and interpersonal skills are actually not highly correlated with outcome; how to radically improve performance through routine client feedback, accurate self-assessment, and deliberate practice; and how to reinforce your own clinical growth by creating “cultures of excellence.”
With Scott Miller, Ph.D.
Etienne Wenger Session 2
Communities of Practice

Discover how key learning processes and relationships in a community of practice differ from standard, formal training, and why individual therapists need communities to help problem-solve, gain perspective, and keep up with change. With Etienne Wenger, Ph.D.
Barry Duncan Session 3
How We Get Better

Explore the results of more than 1,000 studies about the science of the therapeutic alliance, how to radically improve your effectiveness by consistently measuring outcomes, and how to consistently attain “healing involvement,” with clients. With Barry Duncan, Psy.D.
Michael Lambert

Session 4
From Evidence-Based Practice to Practice-Based Evidence

Hear how to incorporate measures of change in symptoms, interpersonal problems, social-role functioning, and quality of life in your work; how to determine a client’s progress between sessions; and when to use clinical support tools if a client’s mental health appears to be heading downhill.
With Michael Lambert, Ph.D.

Robbie Babins-Wagner Session 5
Building a Culture of Excellence

Learn helpful strategies for soliciting, hearing, and effectively using negative feedback from clients, understand how to use outcome measures to develop mastery within specific clinical domains, and discover how to create a work environment that supports and encourages Feedback Informed Treatment.
With Robbie Babins-Wagner, M.S.W., Ph.D.
William Pinsof Session 6
Bringing Science into Clinical Practice

Explore the leading edge in client feedback: the Systemic Therapy Inventory for Change (STIC) being developed by the Family Institute at Northwestern University, a sophisticated questionnaire that’s quickly answered, scored, and displayed on a computer—with results e-mailed to the therapist. With William Pinsof, Ph.D.
Donald Meichenbaum Bonus Session
What Expert Therapists Do

Learn how to use web-based training procedures to enhance your expertise, the best ways to use computer technology as an adjunctive clinical tool, and how to master the “core tasks” of psychotherapy. With Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.

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Our Presenters Are Leaders In The Field

Scott Miller, Ph.D., is the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence. He conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations achieve superior results. He's authored numerous articles and books, and he's the coauthor of The Heart and Soul of Change and The Heroic Client: Principles of Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Clinical Work.


Etienne Wenger, Ph.D., researcher, author, and consultant, is a recognized pioneer and thought leader in the field of communities of practice and social learning theory. He's the author of Situated Learning, which introduces the concept; Communities of Practice, which lays out the learning theory; Cultivating Communities of Practice, for practitioners in organizations; and Digital Habitats on technology for fostering communities.


Barry Duncan, Psy.D., is the director of the Heart and Soul of Change Project, co-developer of the Outcome Rating Scale and the Session Rating Scale, and author of 15 books, including What's Right With You, The Heart and Soul of Change, 2nd edition, The Heroic Client, and On Becoming a Better Therapist.


Michael Lambert, Ph.D., is a researcher in the field of psychotherapy outcome, process, and the measurement of change. He’s a professor of psychology at Brigham Young University and has edited, authored, and coauthored nine academic books, 40 book chapters, and over 150 scientific articles. He’s the co-author of the Outcome Questionnaire.


Robbie Babins-Wagner, M.S.W., Ph.D., is the CEO of the Calgary Counselling Center in Alberta, Canada, where she implemented Feedback Informed Treatment. She's an AAMFT approved supervisor with more than 31 years of experience as a therapist and clinical supervisor. She's taught at the University of Calgary's Faculty of Social Work for 30 years.


William Pinsof, Ph.D., is president of The Family Institute, clinical professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, where he's the director of the Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies. He's an AAMFT approved supervisor, the editor of four books, and the author of Integrative Problem-Centered Therapy: A Synthesis of Family, Individual and Biological Therapies.


Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., a founder of Cognitive Behavioral Modification, was voted one of the 10 most influential psychotherapists of the century in a survey reported in the American Psychologist. An expert in the treatment of PTSD, he's the author of A Clinical Handbook/Practical Therapist Manual for Assessing and Treating Adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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