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201 Keynote: Deliberate Practice and Inner Transformation

Tara Brach

Tara BrachOne of the foremost paradoxes of our digitally connected and instantaneous age is the lack of connection many of us feel—to ourselves, to others, and to the present moment. In her Symposium 2013 Keynote Address, Tara Brach addresses this human tendency to get caught up in self-judgment, separation, and “false refuges” that make us feel temporarily better, but fail to satisfy our need for self-awareness and belonging.

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  • Comment Link Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:16 posted by Marilyn Ritzau

    Tara is such a pleasure to listen to and has a spellbinding way to make her points. This was helpful in keeping me focused on being mindful in my life and not just going through my life without really seeing and just reacting. I may listen to it again! I loved the story about the baby and the old man at the end, that was just beautiful.