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SoA 13 Day 1

snipe-premiereeventDan Goleman

Dan GolemanIn a culture that encourages constant busyness, multitasking, and perpetually divided awareness, more than ever, the ability to bring to bear the full power of one’s attention is what distinguishes the mediocre from the excellent, the expert from the amateur. In this keynote interview, Dan Goleman will discuss how to apply the latest advances in the science of attention, mindfulness practice and high performance learning in clinical practice.

snipe-premiereeventDan Siegel and Rick Hanson

Dan SiegelRick Hanson Brain science research has taken the world of psychotherapy by storm. But, as therapists, how do we separate hype and pseudo-science from clinically relevant facts about the brain?

Ron Taffel

Ron TaffelHow can parents compete with the near unlimited access to information, family-supplanting youth culture, and social pressures of today’s kids? Ron Taffel’s parenting Webcast Session addresses these and more challenges to parental authority in the 21st century. Learn new ways of enhancing parents' ability to find their authentic voice and become an influence in their children's lives.

Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

Ellyn BaderPeter Pearson

The unique demands and challenges of couples therapy—high volatility, extreme disengagement, and the need for a highly directive therapist—can be daunting for even the most skilled individual therapist.

Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield

Given the ever-growing popularity of mindfulness, more people are adopting the mistaken belief that simply spending enough time in lotus pose is the key to solving all their life difficulties and insecurities. In this Webcast Session on mindfulness, Jack Kornfield contends that simply having a meditative practice is not the cure-all that some students of spirituality believe it to be.

Jerome Kagan

Jerome Kagan

Has attachment theory risen to such prominence in our field because of its scientific merit, or is it merely a product of its time that’s losing its shine with age? In this Webcast Session, Jerome Kagan makes the case against popularviews of attachment theory, arguing that historical context and questionable methodology played a part in making this theory as influential as it is today.

Pat Ogden

Pat OgdenMany of our clients enter our offices expecting to do nothing more than talk about the past. But as Pat Ogden demonstrates in this Webcast Session on trauma, therapists can also work with the body to help trauma clients create a “somatic narrative”to work through experiences and disturbing emotions that may be cognitively inaccessible to them.