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Article September 1, 2005

Alice in Neuroland

Can Machines Teach Us to Be More Human?

As neuroscience was becoming the topic du jour of the therapy field, we sent Senior Editor Katy Butler to MIT on a mission. The result was, literally, a... Read more

Article September 30, 2004

Mirror Mirror

Emotion in the Consulting Room is More Contagious Than We Thought

Empathy may be the life's blood of good therapy, but scientifically, it's remained a rather fuzzy concept. Now a serendipitous lab discovery is showing how... Read more

Article September 30, 2004

Altered States

Why Insight by Itself Isn't Enough For Lasting Change

Increasingly, neuroscience is making it clear that therapists rely too much on the consulting room drama of insight and not enough on good, old-fashioned... Read more

Article September 1, 2004

Riding the Waves

Neurofeedback: A Breakthrough with Learning Disabilities?

Neurofeedback is one of a group of new technologies that promises not only to treat the symptoms of mood, attention, and learning disorders, but to address the... Read more

Article November 29, 2003

The Hidden Logic of Anxiety

Look for the Emotional Truth behind the Symptom

In our rush to remove the symptoms of anxiety, we too often ignore the client's hidden system of personal meaning. Focusing on that murky inner world can both... Read more

Article September 29, 2002

Discoveries from the Black Box

How the Neuroscience Revolution Can Change Your Practice

Increasingly, therapists are trying to make sense of the cavalcade of neuroscientific discoveries regularly trumpeted in the research literature and the... Read more

Article May 2, 1999

Running on Ritalin

Is It the Drug of Choice or the Drug of Convenience?

It's midday at an elementary school in a comfortable American suburb. The lunch bell has just rung, and the kids are noisily pouring out of classrooms to enjoy... Read more

Article March 1, 1999

Rx for Passion

Antidepressants needn't depress the libido

From the March/April 1999 issue As a psychiatrist and couples therapist, some days it seems as if I never talk about anything but sex. And increasingly, I... Read more

Article May 1, 1994

From the May/June 1994 issue LEARNING DISABILITIES (LD) AND Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are distinct disorders that not only undermine... Read more

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