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Article March 1, 2005

Getting Over It

We're more resilient than we realize

Therapists often assume that people going through grief or trauma must always emotionally work. But through the experience if they are to recover, recent... Read more

Article January 2, 2004

The Limits of Talk

Bessel Van der Kolk Wants to Transform the Treatment of Trauma

For more than 20 years, Bessel van der Kolk has been in the forefront of research in the psychobiology of trauma and in the quest for more effective... Read more

Article January 1, 1998

Riding Out the Storm

A therapist's guide to surviving burnout

Everything you ever wanted to know about surviving burnout Read more

Article July 1, 1994

From the July/August 1994 issue IN A WIDELY PUBLICIZED TRIAL last May anxiously followed by therapists around the country, a jury in Napa County... Read more

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