In The Therapy Room

True tales and lessons from the therapist’s chair
Article April 28, 2023

A Puncturing of the Soul

Facing Racial Trauma and Internalized Devaluation

If clinicians continue to assert that "trauma is trauma," the uniqueness treating racial trauma will remain on the margins of what we extol as best practice. Read more

Article April 24, 2023

Here are some "hacks" to help your clients be more mindful in their relationships—using the Gottman Method. Read more

Video March 8, 2023

Healing the Invisible Wounds of Racial Trauma in Therapy

A Conversation with Kenneth V. Hardy

Networker discusses racially-sensitive, trauma-informed interventions and strategies with Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy. Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Treating Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

The Road to Clarity and Agency

People in relationships with narcissists are rarely going to catalyze meaningful change in their partners. How can therapists support them, whether they leave... Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Are You A Conflict-Avoidant Therapist?

Harnessing Antagonism in the Therapy Room

For therapists who shy away from confrontation, harnessing their reactions to an antagonistic client in clinically useful ways may require learning new skills... Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Behind the Pursuer–Distancer Dynamic

Encouraging Men to Face Their Hidden Fears

How to help men face the hidden fears that keep them stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns. Read more

Article February 8, 2023

When One Partner Won’t Budge

The Magic Wand Question, the Compliment Sandwich, and More Strategies

If you’ve done couples therapy, you’ve probably run into this conundrum at one point or another: one partner simply isn’t as invested in therapy as the... Read more

Article February 1, 2023

When Caregiving Ends

Managing Grief and Relief

What is certain is that, at some point, caregiver duties will come to an end. The impact of that moment catches many caregivers off-guard, and the flood of... Read more

Article January 25, 2023

Teaching Kids Resilience through Storytelling

A Conversation with Psychologist and Children's Book Author Amy Howell

For a therapist who writes children’s books, story time provides what might be the most important parenting opportunity of the entire day. Read more

Article January 4, 2023

The New Premarital Counseling

A Good Match for Therapists?

Premarital counseling is growing in popularity, and research indicates it has numerous benefits. So why aren't more therapists offering it? Read more

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