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Article September 1, 1994

Turning Down the Temperature

Handling one of marriage's most explosive crises

How to cool down the temperature with couples facing the crisis of infidelity. Read more

Article September 1, 1994

Not surprisingly, almost nothing makes children, including adolescents, feel as insecure and adrift as parents who also feel insecure and adrift, tossed by... Read more

Article July 1, 1994

Leaving the Mothering to Mother

Helping a parent become accountable
Nina Shandler

From the July/August 1994 issue AS A PSYCHOLOGIST IN AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I AM involved in the day-to-day lives of children, not as someone set apart from... Read more

Article July 1, 1994
Mark I. Sirkin

From the July/August 1994 issue THE PHRASE, “THE MELTING POT” ORIGINALLY CAME FROM THE title of a popular turn-of-the-century play that ended... Read more

Article May 1, 1994
Kathryn Robinson

Every day, warring and desperate husbands and wives show up in our offices agonizing over divorce. Have we been too blithe in encouraging them to go ahead, too... Read more

Article May 1, 1994

Long-Distance Therapy

Helping an isolated family heal their trauma
Annie Wenger-Keller

From the May/June 1994 issue IN THE SPRING OF 1991, MY MOTHER, A MENNONITE AND a nurse-midwife, called me from rural Pennsylvania. “Can you give me... Read more

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