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Title: “Esther Perel on The Future of Modern Love”
Speaker:  Esther Perel, MA, LMFT
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In this recording, Esther Perel shares her unique and provocative perspective on modern love. Through practical discussion and in-depth analysis of real-life couples sessions from her popular podcast, "Where Should We Begin?," you'll discover specific ways to help your couples clients explore and enhance their intimate connections in a culture that's been radically changed by technology and shifting cultural norms.
Title: “Pat Ogden on the Sensorimotor Approach to Healing Trauma through the Body”
Speaker:  Pat Odgen, PH.D.
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Discover how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can drastically improve your trauma treatment results. In this recording, you’ll join Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute founder Pat Ogden to learn how to improve your clinical results by understanding how trauma is first and foremost a physical experience-and as such, it requires corrective somatic experiences for the client to heal. Get expert guidance on questions to use and body movements to look for so you can begin to implement Sensorimotor Psychotherapy right away into your work with trauma clients.
Title: “The Role of Love in Psychotherapy”
Speakers:  Jack Kornfield, PH.D.
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This conversation with a pioneer of the mindfulness movement explores how the practice of self-compassion complements mindfulness and brings new dimensions of healing to the therapeutic experience. You'll learn why love and caring are the true foundation for the therapeutic connection and how to nurture both qualities in your clients and yourself.
Title: “Healing From the Bottom Up”
Speaker:  Peter Levine, PH.D.
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Join trauma treatment innovator Peter Levine to discover how to help clients access safety and positive resource states instead of repeatedly experiencing threats that no longer exist.