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Symposium Free CE Videos

Title: “Interpersonal Neurobiology in the Consulting Room”
Speaker:  Daniel Siegel, M.D.
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In this recorded interview, Daniel Siegel explores the concept of brain integration and why it’s the key to mental health. Discover interventions that target different parts of the brain and offer clients a pathway to healing. Self-study credit available.
Title: “The Cognitive Therapy of Depression”
Speaker:  Judith Beck, PH.D.
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In this recorded interview, Judith Beck shares powerful techniques for bringing about enduring changes in the symptoms of depression by, including how to conduct first interviews that generate hope, connection, and clear goals for treatment. Self-study credit available.
Title: “How to Overcome the Brain’s Negativity Bias”
Speakers:  Rick Hanson, PH.D.
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In this recorded interview, Rick Hanson highlights how to apply positive psychology to help clients reshape their brains by activating and installing resource states, developing targeted antidote practices, and internalizing positive experiences. Self-study credit available.
Title: “Trauma Therapy in Perspective””
Speaker:  Janina Fisher, PH.D.
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In this recorded interview, Janina Fisher explores how to help clients develop a more empowering trauma narrative by going beyond exposure therapy with interventions that bolster their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral resilience. Self-study credit available.