Therapists don’t always delve quickly into the sex lives of older clients. But if they did they’d find that many are keen to maintain sexual connections, boost their sex drive, and continue to explore their sexualityand they value the help that therapists can offer.

Networker Live welcomes clinical psychologist Regina Koepp, founder of the Center of Mental Health and Aging, and creator of the only dementia and sexual health certificate program in the U.S., as she helps us check our older sexual stigma.

In this video, Dr. Koepp speaks with senior writer Lauren Dockett on how to have “the sex talk” with older clients, adjust “sex-pectations,” address sex drive fluctuations, get creative about lovemaking, and help LGBTQ clients process any suffering from LGBTQ-phobia.

Also, read her article, "Sex and the Older Couple" from the September/October 2022 issue.

Lauren Dockett

Lauren Dockett, MS, is Psychotherapy Networker’s senior writer. A longtime journalist, journalism lecturer, and book and magazine editor, she’s also a former caseworker taken with the complexity of mental health, who finds the ongoing evolution of the therapy field and its broadening reach an engrossing story.  Prior to the Networker, she contributed to many outlets, including The Washington Post, NPR, and Salon. Her books include Facing 30, Sex Talk, and The Deepest Blue.  Visit her website at


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