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Playing Together Apart

Figuring Out Teletherapy for Kids

May/June 2020
Without a well-researched paradigm for reaching young children who might need teleplay therapy in an uncertain time like this, therapists are forging ahead into unknown territory.

Case Study

Crossing Cultures: The Surprising Complexity of Countertransference

July/August 2020
A shared cultural understanding can be a powerful asset in therapy, adding a familiarity and depth to the exploration of countertransference.

Practice Tools - July/August 2020 Issue

Teaching Children to Recognize & Change Their Autonomic State

July/August 2020
Your FREE practice tools download to use with clients right away.
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In Consultation

Exploring the Inner Selfie: Digital Zen for Young Clients

September/October 2020
Our teen clients know a lot about connecting with others online, but they still need our wisdom about connecting with their core inner selves.

Case Study

A New Family Narrative: Transforming Intergenerational Trauma

November/December 2020
The key to working with a family may be getting parents to see the intergenerational trauma underlying present-day issues.
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Editor's Note

January/February 2021
Part of honoring our founder and longtime editor, Rich Simon, who passed away in November, has been to complete this issue, which explores how our current pandemic reality is affecting kids and their caregivers. As we crafted this issue together throughout the fall, we often wondered whether the challenges of 2020 would still feel relevant as 2021 arrived. Sadly, many of the questions our authors explore have become even more pressing now. 

Will the crisis we’re grappling with spur us to develop new approaches for supporting anxious kids, underserved kids, and overwhelmed schools and parents? Can we create more effective ways to help families? These challenges might seem overwhelming, but as Rich regularly reminded us, we don’t need to come up with all the answers: what’s important is that we keep asking the questions.
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Families Under Pressure

Helping Relieve Today’s Parents & Kids

January/February 2021
The pandemic has created an emotional petri dish for kids and parents who are stuck in place, terribly stressed, and feeling alone. How are families supposed to survive—much less thrive—under these unprecedented, pressure-cooker conditions?
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Bridging the Gap

School–Therapy Collaboration in Trying Times

January/February 2021
Although it’s never been easy to take oh-so-familiar systems principles and put them to work in real life, the devastating sweep of the pandemic has made collaboration between schools and therapists more important than ever.

A Turning Point for Caregivers

Discussing the Hidden Impacts of the Pandemic

January/February 2021
Our current caregiving crisis is a societal failure, not the result of one family’s shortcomings.

The Black Youth Suicide Epidemic

Confronting Misconceptions and Inequities

January/February 2021
Self-harm is not a culturally specific phenomenon, but it’s often misunderstood and overlooked in Black children by a society that forces them to grow up faster than white children.
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