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Beyond the One-Way Mirror

A New Approach to Reviving Public Sector Psychotherapy

July/August 2008
A determined family therapist tries to revive public sector psychotherapy using Thomas Edison as his role model.

Life, Death, Madness

Confronting the raw reality of the emergency department

July/August 2008
An emergency room social worker's day revolves around handling emotional crises of strangers facing terrible moments of their lives.

Getting It Right

In HBO's In Treatment, Art Imitates Therapy

July/August 2008
The 43-episode HBO series In Treatment held up a mirror to our profession, immersing viewers in the ebb and flow of the psychotherapy process, and revealing what devoting a life to this work does to its practitioners.

Dear Michael

Michael White taught us how to retell our life stories

July/August 2008
Michael White, who died suddenly in April 2008 at 59, devoted his life to helping people find the kernels of personal courage, self-respect, and emotional vitality that would enable them to create a different story about themselves.

The Debate Over DSM-5: A Step Backward

A Step Backward: An Interview with Allen Frances

March/April 2014
As the man responsible for the previous edition, the foremost critic of DSM-5 is perhaps the last person you’d expect to trash this latest, biggest version.
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The Debate Over DSM-5: A Step in the Right Direction

A Step in the Right Direction: An Interview with Darrel Regier

March/April 2014
The vice chair of the DSM-5 Task Force is bemused that the release of what was intended to be a more accurate and rigorously researched manual has raised such an uproar.

From Revolution to Evolution

Salvador Minuchin Reflects On His Therapeutic Legacy

September/October 2009
Although Salvador Minuchin is arguably the most influential clinician of the last half-century, his work is light-years away from the routinized approaches that dominate today's therapy world.

Big Squeeze

No research? No reimbursement

January/February 2010
A tipping point has been reached in the impact that psychotherapy research results, no matter of interest only among a small circle of academic, are going to have on what goes on day-to-day in therapists' offices.

How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick

The Art of Healing in an Age of Science

March/April 2017
Studies show more people pay for the services of advisors claiming special powers than see mental health practitioners. How can mentalists and mediums be flourishing at a time when therapists—trained and sanctioned to care for people’s emotional well-being—are struggling to inspire confidence? In an effort to improve therapists’ efficacy, two researchers find themselves on an unexpected path.
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The Courage to Connect

Highlights from the 2017 Symposium

May/June 2017
Year after year, therapists have come to the Networker Symposium expecting to escape the turbulence of everyday life and the real world. But this year, attendees came seeking something more—a renewed vision of what we stand for and what our role might be in a toxically polarized society. Here are some of the moments that captured the distinctive flavor of this year’s gathering.
  • The Search for Connection by Rich Simon 
  • The Physics of Vulnerability by Brené Brown
  • Therapy in the Age of Trump by William Doherty
  • Psychotherapy of the Heart by Joan Borysenko
  • The Science of Consciousness by Dan Siegel
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