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Our Myths about Sexuality

Highlights from Symposium 2018

May/June 2018
Esther Perel called on the Symposium audience to challenge the various myths, especially those about male sexuality, that get in the way of deeper relational authenticity and more fulfilling ways of navigating modern relationships.
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In Consultation

The Accidental Sex Therapist: Helping Clients Get “Dumb and Happy”

January/February 2019
You may not be a certified sex therapist, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from helping clients with their sexual issues.

What Greg Taught Me

From Symposium Storytelling Evening 2019

May/June 2019
"Even though I’d been out as a gay man for decades, I still felt disgust at my erotic interests. Although several therapists over the years had told me I wasn’t a sex addict, I fired all of them until I found one who agreed with my self-diagnosis."

Case Study

Gender-Affirmative Therapy: Helping Transgender Clients Begin Their Journey

January/February 2021
The key elements of gender-affirmative therapy for clients who are medically or socially transitioning.
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In Consultation

Gender-Affirmative Therapy for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

May/June 2021
Supporting transgender children doesn’t always mean rushing toward medical intervention.

Love After Lockdown

What Follows Togetherness Overload

September/October 2021
For some couples, staying home together during COVID improved their sex lives. But many have reported the opposite experience. Now that re-entry is here, what are they to do?

The Therapy Beat

Surrogate Partner Therapy: Crossing Lines or Expanding Boundaries?

September/October 2021
The debate around surrogate partner therapy.

Case Study

“Be Yourself—But Don’t”: Mixed Messages from a Mother to Her Gay Son

March/April 2022
What happens when loving mothers of gay sons unknowingly send them mixed messages about being themselves?
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